Antares, Edwin Roxburgh, Paul Goodey-Avedisyan

New Ground Oboe Paul Goodey - Avedisyan


Doubles, RNCM Wind Orchestra Oboe Paul Goodey - Avedisyan

rarescale  Paul Goodey - Avedisyan Oboe

Sounds Positive Paul Goodey - Avedisyan Oboe

Paul Goodey - Avedisyan composer Karin de Fleyt Hohler Fels

Paul has also made recordings for BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4, The Discovery Channel, BBC 2 Television, Channel 4 (including 'Visions of Heaven and Hell', Baraclough Productions; 'The Death Train', October Films Productions; and 'Hand on Shoulder', Beban & Havvatic Production) and a range of solo scores for theatre including the Edinburgh Festival and the Bloomsbury Theatre, London.