Paul Goodey-Avedisyan Oboe Composer Educator

Recent compositions

  • Pragma, for Oboe & Piano (2017), premiered 2017

  • Hohler Fels, Concerto for Bass Flute / Alto Flute / C Flute / Piccolo and Wind Orchestra. Commissioned by Karin de Fleyt (Stockhausen Estate), premiered and recorded November 2013. Released on CD (Metier Label) 2016

  • Pluto, Charon, Eris, Ceres (2016) for two flutes (doubling bass flutes and piccolos) and Orchestra or electronics. Commissioned by Karin de Fleyt and Carla Rees

  • Bright Clearing, (2015), Triple Concerto for Oboe, Marimba, Piano & Chamber Orchestra. Commissioned by Xi’An Conservatoire, China

  • Piano Sonato, (2015), four-movement work commissioned by Yasmin Rowe

  • at the speed of days and nights (2015), for Soprano, Alto Flute, Cor Anglais, Bass Clarinet, Viola, Cello, Guitar and Piano. Premiered by Lynne Dawson and ensemble, 2015

  • Crown Point, (2014), six movement work for flute trio (doubling bass flutes, alto flutes and piccolos) dedicated to Carla Rees. Workshop performances 2016, public premiere 2019

  • Duo Concertante, (2014), five movement work for oboe and piano

  • VRUSP, Miniature for Violin, Oboe and Piano. Written for the School of Composition’s RNCM 40th anniversary concert, premiered March 2013

  • Oboe Etudes. Two premiered 2012, Warehouse, London; two premiered 2013, Valbonne, France; two premiered Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte, Montepulciano, Italy 2014; two premiered Xi’An, China, 2014. Each study explores an aspect of contemporary performance e.g.:

  • A Light in Your Sovereign Darkness, quartertones

  • Briza Media, ghost notes and timbral trills

  • Blue Moon, first part - sounds produced without the reed, second part - multiphonics using dance rhythms

  • Maxine, Jazz arpeggios

  • Penumbra, colour trills and double trills

  • Air, playing combined with vocalisations and other effects produced by the mouth

  • Bramble, extreme intervals

  • Manganese, a reworking of a Gillet study including quartertones

  • Tachyon, a virtuosic moto perpetuo including double trills and multiphonics

  • La Seis Cuerdas, Trio for Alto Flute, Cor Anglais & Guitar, commissioned by rarescale, premiered 2012, London